Ristorante Sostansa - dettaglio location




Sostansa is the result of the professional and personal encounter between Stefano Sacilotto and Davide Bisetto.

After almost ten years of working together Stefano, a cook from Pordenone, confided to Davide his dream of opening a restaurant in his hometown. The idea soon started to take shape and Davide, who initially had joined Stefano only as a trusted advisor, fell in love with the project and decided to be part of the journey in all respects.

This is how Sostansa was born, a new and stimulating challenge for true dreamers. An urban kitchen able to express its core values in the best possible way.


We love hospitality and our work.

Sostansa was born with a profound desire: to bring an authentic and quality experience to the tables. As a restaurant we embrace the purest and most truthful idea of the word “Sostansa”, offering a place to pause, find relief and feel good.

Sostansa is the continuous search for synergy between textures, experience and food.


Sostansa is a concept that takes shape in a place with a unique flavor.

From the beginning you get to the heart of the story: the open kitchen first welcomes the gaze of those who open the door, anticipating an all-encompassing sensorial experience.

The design is minimal, intimate and cosy, with an urban and refined mood.

The products are part of the environment, like the wines on display that define the space and gently welcome your eye.

All around, the soft light plays on the geometries and surfaces, revealing the textures of the walls and the decor.

Marble, glass, steel, wood, leather: each element recalls the tangible philosophy of Sostansa, based on the pure value of the substance.

Once seated, the large window overlooks the street, filtering the natural light and the stories softened by the urban landscape.